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How Do I Place An Order?


Simply add your item(s) to your basket (see top right) and proceed to follow the given instructions.



Payment and Shipping


Payment is through PAYPAL and CARD.


Postage costs are calculated by weight according to the Royal Mail's pricing system. We do not insert postage costs into the product price, rather, we add them on after all your items are selected in the shopping basket. Shipping printed paper outside the EU is expensive. 


All items are either sent in bubble-protected envelopes or boxes. During winter we often use additional inner envelopes to protect from condensation etc.


All items are discretely packaged, the contents private.




How Much Do Magazines Weigh?


Items are heavy to post so weight is important. Most Nuts and Zoo magazines are around 240 grams each, whilst Front, FHM and Loaded are about 350-400 grams each. Each item varies with the newer Nuts magazines from 2011 onwards weighing around 225 grams each. Zoo and Nuts Christmas editions are usually around 350 grams each.




Delivery Times


UK and EU delivery can take up to 7 days - Rest of World can take 2-4 weeks, though 7 days is often all it takes. Please see the Royal Mail website for more information.



​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Payment is through PayPal for maximum protection - and to ensure only adults use this webstore.


Returns & Refunds


No returns are permitted due to printed material. Lost items will be refunded upon Royal Mail confirmation.



Are These Adult Items?


We refuse to sell these items to those under 18 years of age. These items are not adult items and do not generally contain full frontal nudity or adult content, and, are sold in all good newsagents and supermarkets in the UK such as Tesco.



What Condition Are These Items?


If items are stated as "Brand New" in the product description then they are new and have never been read - straight from the supermarket shelves or publisher (and as such may have some very minor scuffle). All second-hand items have their exact condition recorded and usually come with photos.



Are Lads' Mags Sexist?


Lads' Mags have been subject to various smearing campaigns and misinformation. These types of men's magazines contain no adult nudity and are essentially erotic in nature: no sex acts are ever simulated, unlike Age 15 certificate films in the UK which contain full sex scenes.


Whilst associated with “Lad Culture” these magazines do not display anything of the sort (with the exception of drinking) and are predominantly concerned with sports, video games and comedy. Any nudity found is “page-3 style” and never displays anything graphic below the waist. The notion that these magazines encourage the sexualisation of women or “dehumanises them” is false and perversely fictional. Though these magazines often include swimwear, lingerie and half-nude glamour shoots, what is often ignored are the interviews that accompany them as well as the dating advice given: hardly dehumanising. The dubious sorts who accuse lads' mags of sexism deny the eroticism and beauty of the models and apply their own personal interpretations. All the glamour girls who choose to model for such magazines have a strong fan-base - and are adored rather than reduced to so-called “sex objects”. The failure to grasp these different perspectives and interpretations displays the personal psychology of the faux-feminist, and says nothing of the readers and collectors. What is also ignored is the incredible charity work glamour models engage in – often with the help of Lads' Mags. After the brutal murder of Sophie Lancaster by street thugs, Lads' Mag Bizarre promoted an anti-bigotry campaign in her honour.


These magazines often focus heavily on football, video games and movies. They feature interviews with numerous celebrities such as Stallone and DeNiro. Lads' Mags also contain politics (especially articles on war) and first hand accounts from soldiers on the front lines – as well as articles on serial killers and the mafia. During the the 2003 Iraq War Nuts, weirdly, provided a non-bias pro-reality account fo the conflict.

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