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The All Killer No Filler Deadpool Collection -

Deadpool: Identity War 25 #54


"Pulled through the multiverse to another world, Deadpool, Spider-Man and Hulk think they've stumbled upon the perfect planet. Spidey's a beloved hero of whom all the villains are terrified, Doctor Bruce Banner's banished the Hulk and become the new Sorcerer Supreme, and Wade... well, let's just say Wade seems to have found his soulmate. But what is the price they've paid for this ‘perfect' world and what sinister secrets are their dimensional doppelgangers hiding?"


Hachette Partwork SEALED hardback graphic novel / book


EAN: 9772515206024


Deadpool: Identity Wars (Issue 25 #54)

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New condition item.


NOTE: Sealed, hardback graphic novel.


All novels sent in bubble-wrap protected envelopes for maximum protection.  


Weight: 518 grams

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