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For sale Issue 149 of the UK's front magazine featuring models India Reynolds and Vikki Blows plus a huge amount of music features and interviews with celebs, such as actors Johnny Knoxville and Ice Cube (real name O'Shea Jackson). A must have issue for fans of glamour models India and Vikki, and collectors of classic lads mag Front.



Advice: Front tells us HOW TO SURVIVE A FALLING LIFT (be an instant expert!).


Life in Ink: JACOBY SHADDIX (from Papa Roach), 2 pages.


Interview with ICE CUBE - 20 questions answered, on such topics as drink and his superpower of choice!


Big feature: a wonderful JOHNNY KNOXVILLE interview over 4 pages with some crazy pics - know your JackAsses feature included.


Top Ten Kicks (2 page fashion feature) with Feiyue Fe-Plain, Addict Nautilus, Osiris Rhyme Remix, Puma Blaze of Glory (trainers pics)


ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE - 6 page crazy FRONT feature with Dinosaur Pile-Up's Matt, Mike and Harry!


A-Z of the OCCULT, massive 8 page spooky feature: Demons, Black Sabaths, Harry Potter, Ghosts, Necromancers and Witchfinders!

This back issue of FRONT features a premium erotic glamour photo series with Page 3/Love Island star INDIA REYNOLDS and model FAYE TASKER. 18 naked pages of India's perfect breasts and Faye's flawless body - SPOOKY SLEEPOVER theme (India can be seen on the cover). India Reynolds, star of the UK's Love Island and The Sun newspaper, was 19 years old during this photo shoot, a MUST SEE for India Fans, includes interview.


SURVIVE THE WINTER: 6 page entertainment feature with cartoon artwork featuring BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Dexter, The Wire, Lost and TRUE BLOOD.

VIKKI BLOWS: Full Frontal feature in FRONT magazine, 6 pages of the Page 3 sultry stunner, one of the sexiest models in the UK, an amazing topless glamour photo series. Includes some random bio information on Vikki. Glamour girl Vikki Blows was 22 years old at the time of publication.


Exclusive photo alt-model feature (4 pages) with blonde 18 year old LUCY MAYLIN from Hertfordshire, sensual blonde glamour shoot with interview included (glasses photo shoot).


Alt Girls (2 pages) with Nicola Chedgy from Bath and Hannah Smale from Bristol's perfect round boobs - a treat for FRONT READERS

ALEX SIM-WISE's wise words regular column with cheeky pics - Alex talks cakes this month! Yum! (2 pages)


Dude of sport (2 pages) feature with SAM BOSWORTH (skating)


Ladygarden regular feature with Nathalie Kelley (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The Vampire Diarie), Julia Ling and Lizzy Pattinson.


Adult Hotties: Ivy Snow, Jana Rocks, Talia Shepard


This Is England 86 review


Bands: My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Middle Class Rut, Chickenhawk (2 pages)


Games: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Fallout: New Vegas (2 pages)


Aunt Agony: VON, topless dating advice (2 pages with pics)


OUT OF SIGHT, 2 page interview (Ear Candy feature) with Jake.


HARRY POTTER comedy art (2 pages) by Joel Amat.


Ozzfest a the O2 (London) 2 page pic article.

Heavy item - added 14th April 2021.

Front 149 Nov 2010 India Reynolds, Vikki Blows, Johny Knoxville

Only 2 left in stock

Like New Condition. Never read, brand new condition inside, front and rear covers have very minor scuffle. New from shelf item. Over 10 years old. 


Products packed in bubble-padded brown envelopes for maximum protection. Non-UK destinations usually given card backing. Care given to prevent items from being damaged during shipping.

Private sale. Postage costs based on weight and match Royal Mail pricing.


Weight: 430g

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