Rare back issue of FRONT for sale, featuring music interviews, tattoos, art and a photo shoot with British model Kitty Lea.

LOST PROPHETS: Big Interview, 4 pages with pics.


RUNE GLIFBERG dude of sport 4 page interview with pics.


VEHICLES: Subaru BRZ, Bently EXP 9F, Yamaha AEROX WGP 50 (2 pages).


ANDREW V.K. Solves the world's problems - 6 page bumper article.

Page 3 glamour model KITTY LEA & GABRIELLLA MEDINA's "summer fun" nude photo shoot, 14 pages of premium nude photos exclusive to FRONT subscribers; incredible pics.

RYONEN: 6 page erotic, nude photo series - an amazing glamour series of Ryonen From Portland Oregon, a stunning 23 year old girl next door feature.

KESHIA: 4 topless pages of busty 20 year old Keshia Hamlani from Newcastle - an amazing photo feature for FRONT readers.

ALEX SIM-WISE:  2 page gamer girl diary includes an incredible A4 topless pic of the red-head beauty.


2 pages Illustrator profile: GODMACHINE, 2 pages.


HANNAH SNOWDON 1 page interview with pics.


Cheeky topless alt-girls (4 pages) Gemma Hebblewhite, Sophie Smith, Belle (from Derby), Michelle Alexander, Jane Doe from Canton Ohio.


WILLIAM FRANCIS (from Aiden and William Control) - 2 pages, celeb home feature.

VON: Front's agony aunt, pure naked photo included, 2 pages - Von gives LIFE ADVICE for Front readers.

AVENGERS: ASSEMBLE: movie review!


SILENT HILL DOWNPOUR: video game review.


Fashion 2 pages, SLICK KICKS with Clarks Originals, One True Saxon Whithorn, Adidas X Ransom Pier.


US Mathcore band THE CHARIOT 7 page fashion feature.


Front 168 May 2012 Kitty Lea, Lost Prophets, Keshia Hamlani

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