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The All Killer No Filler Deadpool Collection -

Deadpool Corps: Pool-Apocalypse Now 31 #40


"Mercenary extraordinaire Deadpool has been tasked by the Elders of the Universe to assemble a team capable of withstanding the awesome might of the Awareness – a cosmic entity whose appetite is boundless and whose evil has devoured entire galaxies. Since there was nothing good on TV, Deadpool agrees to help and gathers up alternate-dimension versions of himself – and thus, the DEADPOOL CORPS was born!"


Hachette Partwork SEALED hardback graphic novel / book


Deadpool Corps: Pool-Apocalypse Now (Issue 31 #40)

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New condition item.


NOTE: Sealed, hardback graphic novel.


All novels sent in bubble-wrap protected envelopes for maximum protection.  


Weight: 647 grams

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