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Warhammer 40,000 Legends Collection: SEALED hardback novel


- Jain Zar: The Storm of Silence by Gav Thorpe, Issue 88, #85

"almost mythological figures – the Phoenix Lords, immortal beings that embody the warrior nature of the eldar. A swift and deadly fighter, Jain Zar can harness the rage of her scream to slaughter any who dare oppose her. When a burgeoning ork empire starts to pose a threat to the eldar, Jain Zar travels to the craftworld Ulthwé to warn them of the danger."

Jain Zar: The Storm of Silence by Gav Thorpe #85

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New condition item.


NOTE: Sealed novel.


All novels sent in bubble-wrap protected envelopes for maximum protection.  


Weight: 615 grams

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