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Magazine contents:

Shocking naked glamour shoot over 6 pages with stunner EMMA HARRISON, from Neighbours. Playboy pics with interview.


4 page article with cartoonist HUNTER S THOMPSON.


Being a holiday rep - 5 pages.


Nude island, 7 pages with pics - THE ALGARVE.



PRODIGY massive 6 page feature with pics.


IAN LIVINGSTONE, 1 page interview with the game designer and CBE.


LOADED FLIES A MIG, 4 page special.


1997 FILMS: remember the happy days - MEN IN BLACK


PRIMAL SCREAM, 2 page interview with HYPE.


Heavy 210 page magazine from 1997. Includes all the usual content.

Loaded Aug 1997 #40 Emma Harrison, The Prodigy, Ian Livingstone

Only 1 left in stock

Good condition item - excellent condition inside, read - cover is very good, solid with mild scuffle - over 22 years old.



All items sent in bubble protected envelopes for maximum protection. Often with card backing for overseas sales.



Weight: 641g

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