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SPQR: Death Or Glory Rulebook


A deadly historical skirmish game by WARLORD GAMES


"With a lightning-fast and easy-to-play system, SPQR allows you to build a complete warband capable of scouting out enemy armies, clashing across borders, and conducting raids on farms and villages. SPQR also includes a complete campaign system, so you can watch as your heroes rise in stature and warband increases in size, while each warband features specialised scenarios to reflect its own tactics and methods of waging war. You can truly make your Warband your own, with Hero Talents, mercenaries for hire, and a massive breadth of playstyle across the ancient nations from mounted, ranged, and brutal melee combat!"

SPQR: Death Or Glory Rulebook

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New condition. Brand new, sealed item. 




Weight: nearly 3kg

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