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Warhammer Fantasy - THE OLD WORLD, core rulebook with reference card.


Warhammer: The Old World - centuries before the events of the End Times and large scale battles were waged. Forces of good and evil collide as they battle for surpremecy, armoured knights on warhorses charging the frontlines to undead casting and weaving powerful sorceries.


The Old World is a tactical tabletop game where players use strategy and units of various armies in clashes on a large scale where precise movement and positioning can result in victory or defeat.


Within this tome of knowledge is the extensive lore on the World of Legend, and all the rules need to play Warhammer: The Old World. This rulebook has everything you need from moving blocks of troop and fighting in close combat, to channeling the winds of magic to support allies or destroy foes.



  • The World of Legend: A comprehensive history of the Warhammer world and an introduction to the many races and armies that wage eternal war for dominance over it.


  • The Core Rules: From the general principles, through movement and manoeuvre, to unleashing hails of arrows at your foe and, finally, smashing your enemies aside in deadly close combat.


  • The Advanced Rules: Rules for rare and potent troops such as war machines, chariots, monsters, and mighty heroes, each adding even more depth to your games.


  • Realms of Magic: An explanation of the Winds of Magic and rules for wielding a wide range of devastating and devious spells.


  • Armies of the Old World: A showcase of beautifully painted armies from the talented painters of the world-famous 'Eavy Metal team.


  • Warhammer Battlefields: Rules for organising your collection of models into an army, and for setting up the battlefields on which your armies will wage war.



  • 1x Warhammer: The Old World: Rulebook - English


English laungage item, March 2024. HEAVY ITEM.

Warhammer: The Old World Rulebook

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