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For Sale: back issue of White Dwarf dated June 2012.


Games Workshop's in-house magazine.




Painting guides for the Stormtalon, Dakka Jet, and the new plastic Savage Orc boss model (excellent). Official rules for flyers; The Battle for Cardrim, White Scars, Orks and Necrons fluff.  Painting guide for Ultramarine's Stormtalon, and Evil Sunz Dakka Jet.


Blood Angels Army on Parade plus an Empire themed Golden Demon showcase and a Reiksguard themed terrain feature.

White Dwarf – June 2012 #390

Only 1 left in stock

Good condition item. Read once if not at all, insides like new - cover has some very mild scuffle.


All items sent in a card-backed envelope for maximum protection. 


Weight: 170g

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