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For Sale: back issue of White Dwarf dated May 2012.


Games Workshop's in-house magazine.





Tomb Worlds Unleashed: We showcase the latest reinforcements for the Necrons, and Codex author Mat Ward offers some tactical tips and insights about how to use them on the battlefield.


How To Paint Citadel Miniatures Part Two: In the second part of our comprehensive painting guide, the Hobby Team show us how to paint everything from Dark Eldar Kabalite armour to the rotting flesh of a Crypt Ghoul.


Army Project: Necrons: Army painter Chris Peach returns to his Necron army, showing us how to paint models from the Nihilakh Dynasty.


Colours of the Empire: Each of the Empire’s provinces maintains its own standing army of state troops, all of whom proudly wear their state colours. In this article we show you how to paint them all!


Uniforms & Heraldry of the Empire: Demigryph Knights: Neil Hodgson and Robin Cruddace present an extra chapter for the Uniforms & Heraldry of the Empire, exploring the various Knightly Orders that ride to battle atop fearsome Demigryphs.


Tome of Battle: Night Of A Thousand Arcane Duels: Magical mayhem descends upon the Empire, complete with a new scenario, spells and artefacts for Storm of Magic.


Death World’s Scenery Showcase: To accompany the new Death Worlds Battle Missions in last month’s White Dwarf, Chad Mierzwa made two great scenery sets. We take a closer look at the finished pieces.

White Dwarf – May 2012 #389

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Good condition item. Read once if not at all, insides like new - cover has some mild scuffle.


All items sent in a card-backed envelope for maximum protection. 


Weight: 170g

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